GEOWiZ Consulting

December 2017 - Los Calatos Site Visit

GEOWiZ Consulting spent 11 days at the Los Calatos Porphyry Copper Deposit in Southern Peru and developed a customised drill hole database and a Geotechnical logging database for hand held tablets to replace the existing Excel spreadsheet. The drilling database has been setup to import collar survey, downhole survey, sample and assay results directly from the laboratory file, quicklog and detailed geological logs, televiewer data and geotechnical logging. A working copy database or CSV files can then be exported after selecting the drill holes required.

June 2017 - GEOVIA Users Conference

GEOWiZ Consulting presented at the GEOVIA Users Conference in Perth on June 15th 2017. The presentation title is "Surpac & Google Earth - Why, What, How & When". A copy of the presentation is available to download here or from the downloads page.

February 2016 - Integra Goldrush Challenge

GEOWiZ Consulting and Gavin Daneel & Associates participated as the GeoWizards group in the Integra Goldrush Challenge and were selected as a Top 20 finalist and awarded a $10,000 prize.

Over 1300 people worldwide participated in the crowd sourcing challenge that resulted in 100 submissions.

October 2015 - Prospect Explorer

GEOWiZ Consulting can now offer neural network analysis of exploration and mining data using using a software program called Prospect Explorer which is a tool that provides geologists with the means to rapidly analyse and find anomalies from large quantities of survey data with minimal effort. The software utilises a combination of unsupervised and supervised neural methods to aid the detection and definition of mineralisation with the following analysis functions:

  • Neural Anomaly Detection
  • Neural Cluster Identification
  • Neural Correlation Analysis
  • Neural Fuzzy Search
  • Neural Relationship Explorer

June 2015 - Dynamic Anisotropy Estimation

GEOWIZ have developed a Dynamic Anisotropy Estimation macro in SURPAC that has been used on a number of projects such as the Los Calatos Cu-Mo Porphyry project in Peru, see page 7 of Metminco ASX Announcement for details.

For the Los Calatos project, the orientation of the main breccia zones varied considerably in strike and dip. Normally, the breccias would have been sub-domained but the Dynamic Anisotropy Estimation (DAE) method allowed the orientation of the search ellipsoid and the variogram model to be defined individually for each block in the model.

A number of other macros are used to assign the dip and dip azimuth values into the block model.

The DAE method was developed by Collaroy Computing in the Surpac macro scripting language and uses the enhanced Ordinary Kriging functions within Surpac 6.7 to interpolate the blocks.

March 2015 - Surpac Google Earth Tools

Google Earth is a free software program that lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings. When used in conjunction with SURPAC, it becomes a very powerful 3D GIS tool that can be used for storing, displaying and printing all of your exploration and mining data.

Any data created in SURPAC can be exported to Google Earth including string point data, string line data and string polygon data, all DTM’s and 3DM models as well as saved screen images. Any other images taken from PDF’s for example can be imported to SURPAC and geo-referenced and then exported to Google Earth. More complicated 3D models created in programs such as Sketchup can also be imported to SURPAC for geo-referencing and then exported to Google Earth.

High quality images can be saved from Google Earth and imported into SURPAC for geo-referencing. Google Earth also provides some useful digitising tools and any digitised data can be exported directly to SURPAC strings.

For more details and examples, download a slide show. The system comes with detailed tutorials and demo data.

December 2014 - Database Solutions

GEOWiZ have developed a sophisticated field logging system for a company that has just completed a relogging 125,000m of diamond drill core at a remote location in Peru.

The logging system was installed on 6 hand held computers which were downloaded to a main computer and uploaded to the main database.

September 2014 - Aerial Photography

GEOWIZ have completed a number of aerial photography projects for mining and construction companies providing a high quality video and still photography presentation for websites and reports.

This includes filming at a remote, high altitude project site in Southern Peru where numerous fly overs were undertaken to record and document the areas that have been disturbed as well as to create a video for inclusion on the company website.

GEOWiZ is currently documenting the construction of a major building project in Sydney with regular monthly fly overs to record the progress.

GEOWiZ has also undertaken a number of projects for farmers and coastal management.